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Regional Championships 

Christina Goncalves (Xcel Platinum): 2nd place AA, 1st place Vault, 3rd place Beam
Jessica Reno (Xcel Platinum): 2nd place Vault
Elizabeth Schirduan (Level 7): 1st place Beam, 2nd place Bars.
Caylee Chan (Level 7): 2nd place Vault. 
Emma Owens (Level 7): 2nd place Vault.   
Elana Chan (Level 9): 1st place Vault.                           
Mia Lizotte (Level 9): 3rd place Vault, 1st place Beam.
Julia Dextradeur (Level 9): 3rd place Bars & Floor, 1st place Beam. 



Ava Labrecque (Xcel Bronze): 1st Bars & Beam.

Gracie McAvoy (Xcel Bronze): 1st place Beam & Floor, 2nd place Bars.

Grace Apicella (Xcel Bronze): 1st place Beam.

Julie Kudirka (Xcel Bronze): 2nd place Beam.

Erin Weafer (Xcel Bronze): 2nd place Beam.

Elizabeth Lange (Xcel Bronze): 3rd place Bars.

Lily Depippo (Xcel Bronze): 3rd place Bars & Beam.

Catherine McCluskey (Xcel Bronze): 3rd place Beam.

Alison Kudirka (Xcel Bronze): 2nd place Bars, 3rd place Floor.

Rachel Yuan (Xcel Bronze): 1st place Floor.

Isabel Chorny (Level 3): 1st place Floor.

Madison Asprelli (Level 3): 1st place Vault, Bars & Floor.

Nina Ames (Level 3): 3rd place Bars.

Summer Titov (Level 3): 3rd place Bars, 1st place Beam & Floor.

Emma Rondeau (Level 3): 3rd place Floor.

Ava Rietz (Level 3): 2nd place Floor.

Casey Keyes (Level 3): 1st place Vault & Bars, 3rd place Floor.

Isabelle Taylor (Level 3): 3rd place Vault, 2nd place Bars & Floor, 1st place Beam.

Isabella Kabat (Level 3): 2nd place Vault.

Olivia Cahill (Level 3): 1st place Beam.

Keira Owens (Level 3): 3rd place Vault, 2nd place Beam, Floor. 

Olivia Fitzpatrick (Level 2): 3rd place Vault.

Reese Dennison (Level 2): 1st place Bars & 2nd place Beam.

Hayley Higgins (Level 2): 3rd place Bars & 1st place Floor.

Callie Verhaegan (Level 2): 2nd place Bars.

Emma Taraborelli (Level 2): 1st place Beam. 

Kylie Bodzinski (Xcel Silver): 2nd place Floor.

Stephanie Bell (Xcel Silver): 1st place Beam & Floor.

Artemisia Saparoff (Xcel Gold): 3rd place Beam, 2nd place Floor.

Nora Jurgelewicz (Xcel Silver): 1st place Floor.

Ava Remillard Xcel Silver): 2nd place Bars, Beam & Floor.

Ally Remillard (Xcel Gold): 2nd place Floor.

Hanna Skeary (Xcel Gold): 1st place Beam.

Kaylin Musler (Xcel Gold): 1st place Bars & Beam.

Sarah Kane (Xcel Gold): 3rd place Vault & Beam. 

Lindsay O'Brian (Xcel Gold): 2nd place Vault.

Charlotte MacGregor (Xcel Gold): 2nd place Beam.

Audrey Finn (Xcel Gold): 3rd place Bars, 1st place Floor.

Christina Goncalves (Xcel Platinum): 1st place Vault, Bars & Floor.

Jessica Reno (Xcel Platinum): 1st place Vault, Bars, Beam & Floor.

Alexis Juszczyszyn (Xcel Platinum): 1st place Vault & Floor.

Meghan Keith (Xcel Platinum): 1st place Beam.

Kyla Aldred (Xcel Platinum): 1st place Beam.

Samantha Mc Adams (Level 4): 1st place Floor, 2nd place Beam

Kate Heun (Level 4): 1st place Vault, Floor & Beam, 3rd place Bars.

Maia Keohane (Level 4): 2nd place Vault and 3rd place Beam.

Maria Govoni (Level 4): 1st place Beam and 3rd place Floor.

Sophia Farrar (Level 4): 2nd place Beam 

Ashley Hammann (Level 5): 1st place Vault & Floor, 3rd place Bars & Beam. 

Caroline DeSimone (Level 5): 1st place Vault & Bars, 2nd place Floor.

Emma Nelson (Level 5): 3rd place Vault & 2nd place Beam.

Jiali Madden (Level 5): 1st place Beam, 3rd place Vault & Floor.

Danica Rutkowski (Level 5): 3rd place Beam, 2nd place Floor.

Anna Wilmarth (Level 5): 1st place Bars.

Aliyah Quijiada (Level 5): 3rd place Floor.

Elana Chan (Level 9): 1st place Vault & Beam, 3rd place Bars & Floor.

Julia Dextradeur (Level 9): 3rd place Bars & Floor.

Mia Lizotte (Level 9): 3rd place Vault.

Kennedy Stoval (Level 9): 1st place Floor. 

Abby Fitzpatrick (Level 6): 1st place Vault & Floor, 2nd place Bars.

Kate Rudolph (Level 6): 3rd place Floor.

Elizabeth Schirduan (Level 7): 1st place Vault, 2nd place Beam & Floor, 3rd Bars.

Caylee Chan (Level 7): 2nd place Vault & Beam, 3rd place Floor.

Emma Owens (Level 7): 1st place Vault.


Gracie McAvoy (Xcel Bronze): 1st place.

Elizabeth Lange (Xcel Bronze): 1st place.

Julie Kudirka (Xcel Bronze): 2nd place.

Ava Labrecque (Xcel Bronze): 2nd place.

Alison Kudirka (Xcel Bronze): 3rd place.

Grace Apicella (Xcel Beonze): 3rd place.

Isabelle Taylor (Level 3): 1st place.

Summer Titov (Level 3): 1st place.

Casey Keyes (Level 3): 2nd place.

Madison Asprelli (Level 3): 2nd place.

Keira Owens (Level 3): 2nd place.

Reese Dennison (Level 2): 1st place.

Hayley Higgins (Level 2): 2nd place.

Elyse Hetzel (Xcel Silver): 2nd place.

Ava Remillard (Xcel Silver): 3rd place.

Sarah Kane (Xcel Gold): 3rd place.

Christina Goncalves (Xcel Platinum): 1st place.

Alexis Juszczyszyn (Xcel Platinum): 2nd place.

Meghan Keith (Xcel Platinum): 3rd place.

Ashley Hammann (Level 5): 1st place.

Jiali Madden (Level 5): 2nd place.

Anna Wilmarth (Level 5): 3rd place.

Caroline DeSimone (Level 5): 2nd place.

Kate Heun (Level 4): 1st place.

Maria Govoni (Level 4): 3rd place.

Samantha MacAdams (Level 4): 3rd place.

Elena Chan (Level 9): 1st place.

Julia Dextradeur (Level 9): 3rd place.

Abby Fitzpatrick (Level 6): 1st place.

Caylee Chan (Level 7): 2nd place.

Elizabeth Schirduan (Level 7): 2nd place.

Emma Owens (Level 7): 3rd place.

State Championships

All Around State Championship